Aims and Objectives of the MSC


Aims and Objectives of the MSc

The Master of Science in Risk Management is an Academic Partner with Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and through this relation aims to promote risk profession by educating the next generation of risk managers. The curriculum of the Program changes continuously in order to meet the current needs of the industry as new market dynamics and products are emerged. The MSc in Risk Management is the first Master's level program in Greece to focus specifically on Financial and Energy Risk Management and will fulfill the increasing demand of local and regional financial institutions, energy and insurance companies for risk management knowledge and practices.

The program is seeking students, with deep interest in risk management, who have just completed their undergraduate studies and/or executives who are working in a risk department or desire to make a change in their career. Participants will understand thoroughly the importance of risk management from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective and will gain from the expertise of Professors who head the risk departments of financial institutions or energy companies. 

Admission and Application Procedure

The program has a rolling admissions procedure, conducted in six rounds, with the following deadlines:

- 1st round, 31/3/2016

- 2nd round, 30/4/2016

- 3rd round, 31/5/2016

- 4th round, 30/6/2016

- 5th round 31/7/2016

- 6th round 31/8/2016

Places available are limited and applications are evaluated with priority order.

Required Documents:

  1. Application form
  2. Two recent passport size photographs
  3. CV in English
  4. Copy of the bank deposit slip, covering the application processing fee of €50 (Account details:)
  5. Two confidential recommendation letters, by the interview date
  6. Certified Copies of all University Degrees / Diplomas (Recognition by the Hellenic National Academic Recognition Information Centre (DOATAP) is required)
  7. Official Transcripts of marks received (with certified translation in English if not in Greek)
  8. Proof of employment record, if any
  9. English language certification verifying adequate command of the language

The program tuition fees for the academic year 2016-2017 come to 4.300€ that can be paid in two installments

Terms of Study

 Students are obligated to attend all contact hours of a course. If they miss more than 20% of the contact hours of a course they have to attend to the course next year. Students who fail in three or more courses per year, they have to attend them in the next year by paying half of the current fees. If they fail again to complete the program, they are required to leave the program.

Each course is assessed by the following methods:

  • Coursework assignment
    • Midterm examination
    • Final examination

A detailed description of the grading distribution is being described in the syllabus of each course. 

 The submission deadline for MSc theses is September 10. The theses will be examined either in October or November. 


 The program meets all the requirements that have been established by the University and the Hellenic Ministry of Education. The decisions that are related to the programm are taken by the Committee of the Master's program. The director of the program and two professors of the Department of Economics are the members of the Committee.





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